Ticketing and e-commerce platform design
In this challenging project, my task was to help realize the company's vision for a customizable and easy-to-deploy ticketing and e-commerce platform for our clients, such as zoos, water parks and amusement parks.
E-commerce Mobile App
Mobile App design is a complex process and I gave myself the challenge of designing a basic fashion e-commerce app, from start to finish. Fashion retail is a very competitive industry and I wanted to focus on making the experience as smooth and fun as possible to the customer. In doing so, the business get more sales and fidelity increases.
iDatalink Website Redesign
My mandate was to redesign iDatalink's existing website. The main challenge was to streamline a complex, multi-step sequence used by garage technicians to install and test remote starters. All the work on iDatalink should serve as a canvas for its many sister brands.
UOL Viagem Redesign
Universo Online (UOL) is the biggest web portal in the Portuguese language, with more than 26 million unique visitors per month and in 2009, it went under major redesign. UOL Viagem is the travel and tourism section of UOL. Users can find information about national and international tourism destinations. 
As a designer in a multidisciplinary team, I participated in the redesign of the website, creating mockups that focused on information presentation and consistency of brand identity.
Branding for Thata Moreira
"Feito por Thata Moreira" is an independent food company from Salvador, Brazil. Their gluten-free, low-carb bread loafs have became the prefered choice for health-conscious consumers who look for food made with simple and natural ingredients. The branding for "Feito por Thata Moreira" should combine a strong home-made feel to their minimalist approach in food making.
Conference Booklet Design
The International Test Commission 2018 Conference at Montréal was an opportunity for more than 400 professionals in the educational testing and assessment industry from around the world to meet and exchange knowledge. The booklet was a source of information on the schedule, speakers, conferences, venue and Montréal as a host city, all in tandem with a website and a mobile app. My resposibility was to accessibly lay out a plethora of information into the booklet and accompany the printing process.
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